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System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

  Part I About Naming and Directory Services
  1.  Naming and Directory Services (Overview)
  2.  The Name Service Switch (Overview)
About the Name Service Switch
Format of the nsswitch.conf File
Comments in nsswitch.conf Files
Keyserver and publickey Entry in the Switch File
The nsswitch.conf Template Files
The Default Switch Template Files
The nsswitch.conf File
Selecting a Different Configuration File
Modifying the name service switch
DNS and Internet Access
IPv6 and Solaris Naming Services
Ensuring Compatibility With +/- Syntax
The Switch File and Password Information
  Part II DNS Setup and Administration
  3.  Domain Name System (Overview)
  4.  Administering DNS (Tasks)
Setting Up the resolv.conf File
Configuring a Network For DNS
Setting Up a DNS Client
Setting Up a DNS Server
How to Specify a Master Server
How to Specify a Slave Server
How to Specify a Cache-Only or Stub Server
How to Add DNS Compatibility and +/- Syntax
Setting up DNS Servers
Initializing the Server
Testing Your Installation
Adding Additional Servers
Modifying DNS Data Files
How to Change the SOA Serial Number
Forcing in.named to Reload DNS Data
Adding and Deleting Clients
Adding a Client
Removing a Client
Enabling a Client to Use IPv6
How to Enable a Client to Use IPv6
Creating DNS Subdomains
Planning Your Subdomains
Setting Up a Subdomain
Solaris DNS BIND 8.2.4 Implementation
How to Migrate from BIND 4.9.x to BIND 8.2.4
DNS Forwarding
Hot to Enable DNS Forwarding Capabilities on an NIS+ Client
How to enable DNS forwarding capabilities on an older NIS client
  5.  DNS Administration (Reference)
  6.  DNS Troubleshooting (Reference)
  Part III NIS Setup and Administration
  7.  Network Information Service (NIS) (Overview)
  8.  Setting Up and Configuring NIS Service
Configuring NIS -- Task Map
Before You Begin Configuring NIS
Planning Your NIS Domain
Identify Your NIS Servers and Clients
Preparing the Master Server
Source Files Directory
Passwd Files and Namespace Security
Preparing Source Files for Conversion to NIS Maps
Preparing the Makefile
How to Set Up the Master Server With ypinit
Starting NIS Service on the Master Server
Starting NIS Service Automatically
Starting and Stopping NIS From the Command Line
Setting Up NIS Slave Servers
Preparing a Slave Server
Setting Up a Slave Server
Setting Up NIS Clients
Configuring a Machine to Use NIS
  9.  Administering NIS (Tasks)
  10.  NIS Troubleshooting
  Part IV iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Configuration
  11.  iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Configuration
  Part V LDAP Naming Service Setup and Administration
  12.  Introduction to the LDAP Naming Service (Overview/Reference)
  13.  Basic Components and Concepts (Overview)
Default Directory Information Tree (DIT)
Default Schema
Service Search Descriptors (SSDs) and Schema Mapping
Client Profiles
Client Profile Attributes
ldap_cachemgr Daemon
LDAP Naming Service Security Model
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Assigning Client Credential Levels
Choosing Authentication Methods
Pluggable Authentication Methods
Password Management
  14.  Planning for the LDAP Naming Service
  15.  iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Setup (Tasks)
  16.  Client Setup (Task)
  17.  Troubleshooting
  18.  General Reference