[rancid] Using rancid to change Allied Telesis switches configuration

Sebastien BEAUDLOT sebastien.beaudlot at univ-avignon.fr
Fri Mar 17 08:41:35 UTC 2017


I'm using rancid to backup Allied Telesis (and many more) switches configuration thanks to Valentino who posted his own scripts on the list. 

Now, i want to use rancid login scripts to send commands to the script, but i'm facing something annoying with this brand. 

The 'copy running-config startup-config' command is interactive and ask for the user to press Y key. No way to force this command to be non-interactive. 

I tried to fork the ATrancid script to do only this command, but need to hack the ShowConfig loop, thus i a not familiar enough with perl. Does someone already did such a thing ? 


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