[rancid] Could I change my directories paths? and how?

Adrian Dimitrov adrian.dimitrov at efellows.bg
Fri Mar 10 13:46:43 UTC 2017

Hello Team ,

I am trying to modify a bit, my rancid installation in order to fit it better with our systems.
I have changed my #BASEDIR attribute and with little exceptions it is working fine and it is suitable for us. What now want to change is the structure of the directories. So all configs and etc. are going in $BASEDIR/$GROUP. This is how it works by designed, and I want to add one more directory in this path so it looks like $BASEDIR/$GROUP/Configuration.

The configs file will now be in $BASEDIR/$GROUP/Configuration/configs;
The CVS will be in $BASEDIR/$GROUP/Configuration/CVS;

And so on. I was looking in the scripts, but could find where and how rancid-cvs is creating the directories (if actually rancid-cvs is creating them).

Best Regards,
Adrian Dimitrov
System Administrator

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