[rancid] Upgrades with new commands and custom PM files.

Erik Muller erikm at buh.org
Tue Feb 21 18:43:47 UTC 2017

On 2/21/17 13:09 , Jason Biel wrote:
> When adding new commands via creating rancid.types.conf and creating a new
> *.pm file, what is the best process with regards to upgrading?
> I've been running 3.2 with a specific rancid.types.conf file that
> referenced specific *.pm files, but after upgrading to 3.6.2, none of them
> worked because the *.pm files are specifically hard coded to the rancid
> version.  To create my specific *.pm files I just copied the current *.pm
> file from the 3.2 install and made my modifications there, such as the
> commands and the sub-routine.
> 3.2 - 'use rancid 3.2'
> 3.6.2 - 'use rancid 3.6.2'
> Is there a better way?

You should just be able to just leave off the version tag (ie, just "use
rancid;"), to use the current default version.
You should only need to specify the version if you want to make sure it's
consistent with the rest of a package, or need to ensure that some minimum
version is present because you need features in that version or later.
(3.6.2 is obviously > 3.2, so actually that should work - I think the check
breaks because the version numbers have different formats, where one looks
like a number and the other a string?.)


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