[rancid] Eliminating fan speed and external temp from diffs

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 08:10:15 UTC 2015

Hi Brad,

I wrote a small script and diff to apply the script to the RANCID
process for this exact reason (more of less), the simple install
process is written down here:

Just apply the diff to call the external script I wrote, I will
basically drop any device sections from your RANCID update emails
where you have an equal number of "-" and "+" lines like you example,

See the two examples emails on that page from before and after the
script is applied, router2 and router3 have config changes but router
one only has the following changes which I don't want to know about
(is not a configuration change);

- !Flash: nvram:   178  -rw-       10463                    <no date>
+ !Flash: nvram:   178  -rw-       10431                    <no date>
  !Flash: nvram:   179  ----        1930                    <no date>
- !Flash: nvram:   180  -rw-       10463                    <no date>
+ !Flash: nvram:   180  -rw-       10431                    <no date>
  !Flash: nvram:     1  -rw-           0                    <no date>
  !Flash: nvram:     2  -rw-        2945                    <no date>
  !Flash: nvram:     5  ----          64                    <no date>
- !Flash: nvram: 196600 bytes total (179035 bytes free)
+ !Flash: nvram: 196600 bytes total (179067 bytes free)

Just to clarify, the script only prevents that unwanted "junk" info
from being emailed to you, it will still go into your RANCID CVS so
the information is still recorded, it just means if nothing has
changed you won't get an email.


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