[rancid] rancid use scenarios

Mark Tees marktees at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 00:29:14 UTC 2015

Saku Ytti <saku+rancid <at> ytti.fi> writes:

> On (2006-05-30 12:24 -0700), Chris Moody wrote:
> > What are some of the largest deployments of rancid (also anyone willing 
> > to give contact info to vouch for their numbers?)?  Anyone have 
> > experience in enterprise scale usage?  Any caveats?  Any tips?
> % LC_ALL=C;find -name "router.db"|xargs wc -l|tail -n 1
>   6163 total
> Works for us, 1700 of these are collected every 4h, rest once a week.
> Several hardware vendors (~7 vendors), including support for telco systems
> (binos) and corecess that we've added in-house (happy to provide if needed).

Hi Saku,

Any chance I can get the Corecess parsing module you guys wrote?

Im trying to get a Corecess OLT to save write mem output and failing miserably.



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