[rancid] error in Cisco MDS config retrieval

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Tue Aug 11 19:09:31 UTC 2015

That fixed it. You guys are great! Thanks again.


From: Dan Anderson [mailto:dan.w.anderson at gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 6:49 PM
To: Wayne Eisenberg
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Subject: Re: [rancid] error in Cisco MDS config retrieval

It has to do with how NX-OS handles features that aren't enabled (and/or aren't available on that hardware platform).

In 3.1, I went into the nxrancid script and changed the return value for invalid commands since I have some devices that can use some of the stock commands and some cannot and I didn't want to create a slew of new device types.

diff -u nxrancid.orig nxrancid
--- nxrancid.orig       2014-09-24 10:02:46.017969251 -0400
+++ nxrancid    2014-09-24 10:03:06.039305060 -0400
@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@
        next if (/^(\s*|\s*$cmd\s*)$/);
        return(1) if /Line has invalid autocommand /;
        return(1) if /(Invalid input detected|Type help or )/;
-       return(-1) if (/\% Invalid command at /);
+       return(1) if (/\% Invalid command at /);
        return(-1) if (/\% Permission denied/);
        return(-1) if (/command authorization failed/i);

In 3.2, that has moved to the nxos module.

I'm sure there's probably a better way to handle it, but I was feeling pretty lazy at the time and haven't had a chance to revisit it.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Wayne Eisenberg <Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com<mailto:Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

I have some Cisco MDS 9148 switches running NX-OS 5.2(2) (m9100-s3ek9-kickstart-mz.5.2.2.bin) and rancid is v3.1. Unfortunately I am not getting good retrievals from them. Below is the results of nxrancid –d. Can someone assist in understanding the problem and suggesting a solution?

[rancid at vm bin]$ nxrancid -d mds-9148-1.____.local

executing clogin -t 90 -c"term no monitor-force;show version;show version build-info all;show license;show license usage;show license host-id;show system redundancy status;show environment clock;show environment fan;show environment fex all fan;show environment temperature;show environment power;show boot;dir bootflash:;dir debug:;dir logflash:;dir slot0:;dir usb1:;dir usb2:;dir volatile:;show module;show module xbar;show inventory;show vtp status;show vlan;show debug;show cores vdc-all;show processes log vdc-all;show module fex;show fex;show running-config" mds-9148-1.____.local
PROMPT MATCH: Cisco-9148-Top#
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top#  term no monitor-force
    In RunCommand: Cisco-9148-Top#  term no monitor-force
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show version
    In ShowVersion: Cisco-9148-Top# show version
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show version build-info all
    In ShowVersionBuild: Cisco-9148-Top# show version build-info all
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show license
    In ShowLicense: Cisco-9148-Top# show license
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show license usage
    In ShowLicense: Cisco-9148-Top# show license usage
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show license host-id
    In ShowLicense: Cisco-9148-Top# show license host-id
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show system redundancy status
    In ShowRedundancy: Cisco-9148-Top# show system redundancy status
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show environment clock
    In ShowEnv: Cisco-9148-Top# show environment clock
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show environment fan
    In ShowEnv: Cisco-9148-Top# show environment fan
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show environment fex all fan
    In ShowEnv: Cisco-9148-Top# show environment fex all fan
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show environment temperature
    In ShowEnvTemp: Cisco-9148-Top# show environment temperature
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show environment power
    In ShowEnvPower: Cisco-9148-Top# show environment power
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show boot
    In ShowBoot: Cisco-9148-Top# show boot
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir bootflash:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir bootflash:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir debug:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir debug:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir logflash:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir logflash:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir slot0:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir slot0:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir usb1:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir usb1:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir usb2:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir usb2:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# dir volatile:
    In DirSlotN: Cisco-9148-Top# dir volatile:
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show module
    In ShowModule: Cisco-9148-Top# show module
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show module xbar
    In ShowModule: Cisco-9148-Top# show module xbar
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show inventory
    In ShowInventory: Cisco-9148-Top# show inventory
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show vtp status
    In ShowVTP: Cisco-9148-Top# show vtp status
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show vlan
    In ShowVLAN: Cisco-9148-Top# show vlan
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show debug
    In ShowDebug: Cisco-9148-Top# show debug
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show cores vdc-all
    In ShowCores: Cisco-9148-Top# show cores vdc-all
HIT COMMAND:Cisco-9148-Top# show processes log vdc-all
    In ShowProcLog: Cisco-9148-Top# show processes log vdc-all
mds-9148-1.____.local: show processes log vdc-all failed: -1
write(spawn_id=1): broken pipe
    while executing
"send_user -- "$expect_out(buffer)""
    invoked from within
"expect -nobrace -re+ { exp_continue } -re {^[^
*]*Cisco-9148-([^#>\r\n]+)?[#>](\([^)\r\n]+\))?} { send_user -- "$expect_out(buffer)"
                                                } -re {..."
    invoked from within
"expect {
            -re "\b+"                           { exp_continue }
            -re "^\[^\n\r *]*$reprompt"         { send_user -- "$expect_out(buffer)"
            -re "^\[^\n\r]*$reprom..."
    (procedure "run_commands" line 30)
    invoked from within
"run_commands $prompt $command"
    ("foreach" body line 196)
    invoked from within
"foreach router [lrange $argv $i end] {
    set router [string tolower $router]
    # attempt at platform switching.
    set platform ""
    send_user ..."
    (file "/usr/local/rancid3/bin/clogin" line 754)
mds-9148-1.____.local: missed cmd(s): show module fex,show fex,show running-config
mds-9148-1.____.local: missed cmd(s): show module fex,show fex,show running-config
mds-9148-1.____.local: End of run not found
mds-9148-1.____.local: End of run not found
mds-9148-1.____.local: clean: 0, end: 0
!PROC_LOGS:                                    ^
[rancid at vm bin]$

Wayne Eisenberg


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