[rancid] script itself runs - rancid-run: Couldn't login

Marki jm+rancid at roth.lu
Sat Aug 8 16:40:13 UTC 2015

Wiethoff, Helge <Wiethoff <at> tfh-bochum.de> writes:

> I programmed a login script and a "rancid-script" for the previously
unsupported device type Microsens G6
> based on xilogin+xirancid. My msg6login uses .cloginrc for automated
username+password input.
> "msg6rancid x-sw1k25.tfhbomgmt.de " works great and writes the correct
config file to x-sw1k25.tfhbomgmt.de.new
> when running rancid-run, i can't login and get the following in the log:
> x-sw1k25.tfh-bochum.de: missed cmd(s): all commands
> x-sw1k25.tfh-bochum.de msg6login error: Error: Couldn't login:
> x-sw1k25.tfh-bochum.de: End of run not found


I see x.tfhbomgmt.de and x.tfh-bochum.de in your post. Maybe one works and
the other does not? Are you maybe developing on one machine and running
rancid itself on another? -> firewall issues?

I suppose you are running all commands as the rancid user, even when calling
them manually?



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