[rancid] IOS interfaces (show controllers) reappear after rancid upgrade

Marki jm+rancid at roth.lu
Wed Aug 5 11:38:27 UTC 2015


I noticed a thing going from Rancid 2.3 to 3.2.

For ISDN PRIs rancid checks in a change every time a connection is up when
rancid is checking:

!Interface: Serial0/0/0:27, HDLC32

In fact, I checked our old repos and there were no more "!Interface" lines
at all since 2011. That must have been the time when we upgraded to 2.3.
(Bug or feature?)

It seems to be getting this from "show controllers":

Interface Serial0/0/0:15
Hardware is HDLC32

I have tried to compare bin/rancid in 2.3 and lib/rancid/ios.pm in 3.2 and I
fail to see why this seems to work differently. Anyone have an idea?

(Note: In this case the control channel Serial0/0/0:15, HDLC32 is always there.)



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