[rancid] Nortel switches

Paweł Rzepa pawel.rzepa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 13:26:51 UTC 2014


I use rancid to gather config from Nortel switches. Every time I run
'show run' command I get different output for passwords, even if the
real user password hasn't been changed:
show run:
access user user-password "encoded-password"

second execution of show run
access user user-password "same-password-encoded-in-different-way"

Obviously rancid/cvs treats it as a config change. I don't want to
filter out encoded password.

Is there any way to keep the changes saved in cvs but not to generate
a new version in cvs subsystem for this change and not to send emails
(the latter is probably the implication of the former)?


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