[rancid] Support for Juniper SRX cluster?

Slacker T slackert at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 23:18:45 UTC 2014

Has anyone had any luck polling Juniper SRX firewall clusters? I have some
SRX550's that I'm trying to work with. Using the "juniper" type jrancid
won't login correctly. The first issue is that jrancid doesn't send "cli"
once it logs in. That problem is easily fixed, but I din't want to reinvent
the wheel if someone else had cooked up some patches.

A quick look at jrancid doesn't show any cluster commands either. My
cluster is only reachable through the cluster IP, so I'm guessing most
people *are* able to ssh directly to a node and not worry about any of this.

So, if anyone has any patches for cluster support, please share. IfI end up
getting anything to work here I'll be sure to post.

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