[rancid] Restoring Cisco Wireless Lan Controller from rancid?

Elliot Wilen elliot.wilen at aechelon.com
Fri Jan 3 23:43:23 UTC 2014


I've been playing with rancid and with the scripts for ciscowlc that have been posted to this list. There was a major variant posted at http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2012-March/006276.html, however I've been working with the "mainstream" scripts which I found most recently at http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2013-July/006971.html The only variations I've found in the main line are:

wlogin: control paging with set length0/term length 0, vs. config paging disable
ciscowlc: show running-config, vs. show run-config commands

Since the second option in each script seems to work on our device, I've opted to use those. Our device is running software version

About the only other wrinkle I found was that I had to "add autoenable <device> 1" for the device within the .cloginrc.

Now wlogin works fine, and rancid-run completes successfully. But I'm not sure the archived configuration is really usable as-is for restoring the configuration. When I compare it to the file I get when I upload the config via tftp, I see:

tftp'd file uses "config" for each line (this is trivial)
a number of configuration lines in the tftp'd file don't seem to have an exact equivalent
a few odd lines appear in the rancid config archive such as:

"Not supported"
"Max no. of clients 0Max no. of clients 0Max no. of clients 0"

I've verified that these differences are from the output of "show run-config commands." I.e., it's Cisco's fault.

But I'm wondering if the archived config produced by rancid is something I can trust as an actual backup. Has anyone tried restoring the config from rancid?

I wonder if I might be better off having rancid trigger tftp (ftp, sftp, etc.) and then grab the file. This page has some ideas that might be incorporated: http://networkengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/3246/is-there-an-automatable-way-to-backup-the-configuration-from-a-wlc-2504-controll


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