[rancid] netscreen login issue

Hinote, Scotty (MSFC-IS40)[NICS] willie.s.hinote at nasa.gov
Tue Aug 13 18:07:19 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Since I was not able to find a way to work around this with scripting I asked the firewall administrator to disable the acknowledgement for the secondary banner. If anyone else is experiencing this same issue and you or your firewall admin is willing to make the change you will need to use the following command in the CLI.

unset admin auth banner ack-secondary

Or to disable the secondary banner completely.

unset admin auth banner secondary "agreement"

Thank you,

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Hi All,

I am trying to login to a Netscreen device using nlogin. There is a security message enabled that asks the user if they wish to connect and the last line is "Accept this agreement y/[n]". I need a way to pass a y and carriage return to bypass this message and proceed with login. Ultimately the goal is to backup the device using rancid-run. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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