[rancid] *alpha* version of rancid 3.0

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Sat Oct 27 05:43:59 UTC 2012

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 08:37:53PM -0400, Lee:
> Do you have a change log?
> http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid/CHANGES  only goes up to 2.3.8

the one in the tarball is complete.

	implement grancid and rancid.types.{conf,base} collection configuration

	rancid, ios.pm: kill rx/txspeed on cellular modem cards

	cloginrc: add enablecmd directive, for clogin - Jason Greenberg

	lg.cgi: add cisco ios xr specific commands

	francid: filter new uptime on netiron switch fabrics - Roman Hochuli

	hlogin: add Login (capital L) as default login prompt - Johan Ryberg

	rancid,ios.pm: update ASA/PIX pre-shared-key format - Michael Hertrick

	*rancid: pass (INPUT,OUTPUT,$cmd) to filter functions

	rancid::base renamed rancid

	Add lib/ and bin/grancid to the build process

	*rancid: add -t option for rancid-fe to pass the device type from
	router.db.  Mainly for grancid, but pass it to all scripts.

	router.db,rancid.types.*: change field separator to ';' (semi-colon) to
	allow for IPv6 addresses in router.db and avoid conflict with :s in
	device commands and perl module names

	*rancid: few variable name changes to match rancid::base

	arrancid: summarize flash remaining space

	jrancid: show version can terminate abnormally when unable to
	communicate with a daemon

	nxrancid: improve power supply wattage filtering further

	nxrancid: improve power supply wattage filtering - Zenon Mousmoulas

	jlogin: set cli screen-width to prevent cli from mucking with the
	command line in irritating ways - Jay Borkenhagen

	xrrancid: adjust for ARS9k RSP440 show version format

	anrancid: add arbor networks module

	*rancid: add the -C option

	rivlogin,jlogin,fnlogin: command-line option clean-up

	mtlogin: fix cloginrc timeout handling & clean-up command-line options

	xrancid: capture more info from show switch.

	xrrancid: filter changing files (*_cont) from nvram:.

	rancid: ignore "Load for five secs:" and "Time source is
	NTP" lines.

	rancid: remove LISP-MapCache files; fix date removal for dhcp &
	vlan.dat files in flash.

	nxrancid: delete the line with the "^" from the "Invalid command at"

	hlogin: add "username" to prompt match for Cisco ACS 5.3 - Skye Hagen

	rancid: Filter issu_loc_lock and volt_cont files

	nxrancid: try to get show env power output to line up better.

	hrancid: ignore unrecognized command for "show system( |-)information"

	xirancid: xirrus support - Aaron Smith

	jrancid: filter $9$ at the FILTER_PWDS=YES level

	rancid: include fans in ShowEnv - Affa Pan

	fnlogin: correct check for ssh port setting - Robert Blayzor

	rancid: adjust snmp community filter for ASA version >=8.x - Skye Hagen

	Add MAILOPTS variable to rancid.conf - Matej Vela

	share/Makefile: missing MAIL* variables in sed script - Aaron Smith

	jrancid: distill used subscriber licenses to a percentage, else its
	forever changing.

	nxrancid: nx5000 generates spurious 'Permission denied' error for 'show
	debug' if command authorization is used - Per-Olof Olsson

	nxrancid: remove cisco ios residuals - Per-Olof Olsson

	hlogin: add "--" in comment to prevent older expect/tcl from
	interpretting "-," as an option. !@#&!#$

	rancid, xrrancid: add KB to disk/flash bytes free filtering

	xrrancd: also filter temp_static_data

	rancid: filter LISP cache file number, size and date on IOS-XE LISP EFT
	and filter dhcp db and vlan.dat in the same manner, instead of removing

	clogin.1: note not using [#>] in prompts

	xrrancid: additional file filters for 4.2

	hpuifilter: dont use memcpy for overlapping regions - David Byers

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