[rancid] get running-config to other network

Aaron Smith list at soccergeek.net
Fri Jan 20 00:09:30 UTC 2012

On 01/19/2012 03:15 PM, vincent wrote:
> I have the following scenario:
>    - I have two separate networks: A= and B=
>    - The hosts on network "A" do not need to communicate with hosts on
> network "B"

At least one host on network "A" needs to communicate with hosts on 
network "B" ;)

> If the network "A" ( I can log into the router that
> divides the network, can allow rancid (with script or other method) to
> perform a second authentication of network devices to the network "B"
> (if:

I don't believe rancid supports bouncing through one router to get to 
another.  I suppose adding a static route on the RANCiD server to get to 
network "B" might work, depending on what networks you're connected to 
and what the routing/firewall policies are.

 > I don't have a routing problem.

This seems like a routing problem to me.  Your network admins either 
need to let you route through to network "B" or install a RANCiD server 
in both networks.


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