[rancid] rancid error "missing brace"

shouldbe q931 shouldbeq931 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 10:46:57 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 4:13 AM, kamran ayub <kamran.ayub at dsl.net.pk> wrote:
> Dear Members,
> I am running rancid with VCS .
> I am editing my .clogrc file with correct format . but not able to
> test any router/switch successfully with clogin command.
> Format of .cloginrc file entries is as follws:
> ad password hostname telnet_pwd {"enable_pwd"}
> When i test command as : clogin router_hostname
> it gives me error
> as clogin error: Error: missing brace
> Kindly suggest the correction.
> --
> Regards,
> Muhammad Kamran Ayub

from man cloginrc

       Each line contains either white-space (blank line), a comment
which begins with the comment character '#' and may be preceded by
white-space, or one of the directives listed below.

       Each line containing a directive is of the form:

                 add <directive> <hostname glob> {<value>} [{<value>} ...]


                 include {<file>}

       Note: the braces ({}) surrounding the values is significant
when the values include TCL meta-characters.  Best common practice is
to always enclose the values in braces.  If a value includes a (left
or right) brace or  space
       character, it must be backslash-escaped, as in:

                 add user <hostname glob> {foo\}bar}
                 add user <hostname glob> {foo\ bar}

from the top of the cloginrc file

# add password <router name glob> <vty passwd> <enable passwd>

from an actual .cloginrc for a Cisco L3 switch running IOS

add user rancid
add password rancidpass enablepass
add method ssh

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