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Michael Maymann michael at maymann.org
Wed Jan 11 16:50:01 UTC 2012

Hi Shouldbe,

Sorry for not stating this... busy day at work...:
tried to change "show system-information" -> "show system" to hrancid but
hlogin -c "sh ver" <HOSTNAME>
is "hanging"...

So it seems I have run into 2 problems:
1. trying to use hlogin with ssh-key-share (add identity * id_rsa)
configured to .cloginrc is still giving an error about password is missing
in .cloginrc. "ssh user at host" is working fine with key-sharing
2. hlogin is "hanging" also if I use username/password directly in
.cloginrc and even if I make the modifications to hrancid (stated above...)

Am I using this wrong somehow, as it works for you...?
Shouldbe: can you provide your .cloginrc and a tar of rancid-bin-dir (where
hlogin/hrancid etc is located)... and perhaps give examples of how you use
the tool to run commands on HP ProCurve equipment.
Heasley: is this an easy/quick fix or can you recommend anything else that
is working with both HP ProCurve and Cisco equipment... ?

Thanks in advance :-) !

2012/1/11 shouldbe q931 <shouldbeq931 at gmail.com>

> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:26 AM, Michael Maymann <michael at maymann.org>wrote:
>> The codechange to hrancid, Shouldbe mentioned is like example in his link
>> in my version still:
>> @commandtable = (
>> {‘show version’                 => ‘ShowVersion’},
>> {‘show flash’                   => ‘ShowFlash’},
>> {‘show system-information’      => ‘ShowSystem’},
>> {‘show system information’      => ‘ShowSystem’},
>> {‘show module’                  => ‘ShowModule’},
>> {‘show stack’                   => ‘ShowStack’},
>> {‘write term’                   => ‘WriteTerm’}
>> );
>> Is this ok..?
>> Br.
>> ~Maymann
> Looks good, does it work ?
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