[rancid] Help to add new command in rancid script

Mohan L l.mohanphy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 05:44:11 UTC 2012

Dear All,

Thanks for you time to maintain such a amazing tool rancid.

I am trying to add two more command in rancid(bin/rancid) script to pull
information in Cisco routers.

I found cisco router is points to rancid(bin/rancid) script:

%vendortable = (

    'cisco'             => 'rancid',


I want to add the below two commands in rancid script :
1). show cdp interface
2). show cdp neighbors

Here I have added the method to pull the output of the above commands
@commandtable = (
        {'show cdp interface'                 => 'ShowCdpInterface'},
        {'show cdp neighbors'    => 'ShowCdpNeighbors'},

sub ShowCdpInterface {


sub ShowCdpNeighbors {


I need some pointer/guide to write the above two method. I am Intermediate
level Perl guy. I am able to fine tune if some one have already written the

I will greatly appreciate any help on this.

Mohan L
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