[rancid] Specific devices commands

Edward Markiewicz emarkiewicz at cricketcommunications.com
Thu Apr 26 19:48:24 UTC 2012

Is it possible to pass specific commands to rancid-run for rancid to execute?  I have a requirement to use all the features of rancid, (svn version storage etc.), but for ad-hoc queries.  I understand one can alter the @commandtable and select a specific set of commands to run, but that selection is constant each time rancid-run is called.  What I'm looking for is adding the names of the specific commands to run from a command line initiation of rancid-run.  Something like this below;

"rancid-run -r <device name> <group name> [list of commands]"

"rancid-run -r ABC123 MyLocalGroup 'show version', 'show boot', 'show vlan'"

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