[rancid] F5 BIG-IP devices - any tricks?

Baird, Josh jbaird at follett.com
Thu Apr 26 12:22:43 UTC 2012

I'll try this today.

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On 21 March 2012 08:58, Shain Singh <shain.singh at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Has anyone managed to do that ? (full shell, read only access) or
>> access using sudo ?
> I'd say it may be easier trying to write another Expect script to use
> the tmsh instead. Makes it future proof as I believe F5 is heading
> away from giving complete shell access to their devices.

It would appear someone's made a good effort on producing this code,
but I don't have any non-production boxes to test it against.

Does the following work for you?


Matthew Walster
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