[rancid] arancid for Alteon AppDirector

Oscar Prieto Gómez oscar.prieto at satec.es
Mon Apr 23 15:32:56 UTC 2012


I have an equipment Alteon Radware, below:

Type:            AppDirector Global with Cookie Persistency
Platform:        OnDemand Switch VL

With Rancid version 2.3.6 don´t see about /usr/local/rancid/bin --> arancid the command reference as

system device-info
system serial-number
system sw-version
system config immediate

I see for other kind Alteon Switch command as /info/sys and /cfg/dump

# Main
@commandtable = (
        {'/info/sys'            => 'ShowVersion'},
        {'/cfg/dump'            => 'WriteTerm'}

As can modified that for see new command about AppDirector
There are a new version for that kind equipment.

Oscar Prieto Gómez

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