[rancid] Change request for hlogin

Skye Hagen skyeh at uidaho.edu
Thu Apr 19 17:26:44 UTC 2012

We are in the process of changing to a new TACACS server, going from Cisco
ACS 4.2 to Ciasco ACS 5.3. Because of the differences between the platforms,
we are treating this as a new installation, and did not try to migrate any
of the data between the servers.

I didn¹t realize that the TACACS server supplies the text for the enable
mode username and password prompt to the ProCurve switches. With ACS 4.2,
either we didn¹t have this set, or it was set to ŒUsername¹ and ŒPassword¹.
With ACS 5.3, the defaults are Œusername¹ and Œpassword¹. A subtle
difference, but one that caused RANCID to stop collections on our ProCurves.
This is because the default that hlogin is looking for is
{"(Username|login|user name):"}

I know that I can explicitly set a user prompt in .cloginrc to handle this
change, but this seams like one of those things that will come back to bite
me in five years, and no one will remember the details. I would prefer to
stick with defaults as much as possible.

Therefore, I am requesting a change to the default in hlogin to
{"(\[Uu]sername|login|user name):"}. The default for the password prompt
already supports upper or lower case P.

I am posting this to the discussion list, in case this may be of benefit to

Thanks, Skye.

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