[rancid] Issue with HP Procurve 2910-48G al

Daniel Schmidt daniel.schmidt at wyo.gov
Wed Apr 18 22:37:59 UTC 2012

Works for me.  Just for kicks, add an autoenable in there.

bin/hlogin -autoenable -c "show cpu" yor_device

2012/4/18 TAN Lists <lists at theatticnetwork.net>
> Hey guys,
> I recompiled the hpufilter on a test box - same issue exactly the same
> One thing i did find, its trying to run the command "terminal length 0" when i use clogin with a command, which is not supported on these HP's - minimum value is 2 not 0
> hlogin just hangs at the password prompt
> Im really running out of ideas - is there any mroe debugging info i can get with these to get some more help?
> Please?
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