[rancid] Issue with HP Procurve 2910-48G al

Marito ... me_gogorza at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 23:37:00 UTC 2012

Have you tried to login manually with the user/pass configured at .cloginrc ? Could you post the hlogin output when it gets halted ?  
In your previous post, you pasted the output of the logs: was it when you set up your device as "hp" ? It is supposed you should use hlogin instead of clogin when you setup the device as hp (hrancid). So it is OK that it fails, as the commands may not be the same (I've never seen an HP procurve)  
As for the autoenable, check whether you have full privileges or not when you log in (maybe you don't need it).


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Thanks for the ideas guys

As mentioned i tried hlogin in my first post but couldn't get it to work it halted at the enter password

clogin works for all our other HP gear

Our .cloginrc file looks like:

add     user    *.switchdomain.net rancid
add     password        *.switchdomain.net <OMITTED>
add     autoenable      *.switchdomain.net 1


Thanks guys

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