[rancid] BNT help?

Jonathan Mills jonmills at renci.org
Mon Apr 9 21:32:26 UTC 2012

James et al:

So I created a file, /usr/libexec/rancid/bntrancid, a copy of 
/usr/libexec/rancid/rancid, with a modified commandtable, which looks 
like this:

# Main
@commandtable = (
         {'show version'                 => 'ShowVersion'},
         {'show vlan'                    => 'ShowVLAN'},
         {'show running-config'          => 'WriteTerm'},
         {'write term'                   => 'WriteTerm'},
# Use an array to preserve the order of the commands and a hash for mapping
# commands to the subroutine and track commands that have been completed.
@commands = map(keys(%$_), @commandtable);
%commands = map(%$_, @commandtable);

I further edited /usr/libexec/rancid/rancid-fe thus:

%vendortable = (
     'agm'               => 'agmrancid',
     'alteon'            => 'arancid',
     'arista'            => 'arrancid',
     'avocent'           => 'avorancid',
     'baynet'            => 'brancid',
     'ibmbnt'            => 'bntrancid',

And in /var/rancid/mygroup/router.db, I've added a line containing


It almost works, but something is snagging.  The logs show the following:

Getting missed routers: round 1.
8052.renci.xo: End of run not found
8264.renci.xo: End of run not found
8052.bbn.xo: End of run not found
8264.bbn.xo clogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
8264.bbn.xo: missed cmd(s): show version,write term,show 
running-config,show vlan
8264.bbn.xo: End of run not found

Jonathan Mills
Systems Administrator
Renaissance Computing Institute
UNC-Chapel Hill

On 04/09/2012 04:31 PM, James Baldwin wrote:
> You should be able to make a copy of rancid to, for instance, bntrancid and modify the @commandtable array to only include the commands you want then add it to the %vendortable in rancid-fe.
> On Apr 9, 2012, at 3:23 PM, Jonathan Mills wrote:
>> For instance, I can confirm that I am able to login to it, and get into enable mode, using /usr/libexec/rancid/clogin.  So, it's kinda like Cisco.  Where it fails, is that it can't answer all the commands that rancid wants to send.  I'm new to rancid, and I don't get how to manage (or filter?) the commands I want it to run.  Only things I really want it to do (all of which work, when I put them on the command like ( -c ) using clogin):
>> show version
>> show boot
>> show vlans
>> show running-config
>> --
>> Jonathan Mills
>> Systems Administrator
>> Renaissance Computing Institute
>> UNC-Chapel Hill
>> On 04/09/2012 04:07 PM, Jonathan Mills wrote:
>>> Does anyone have experience using rancid with a Blade Network
>>> Technologies (BNT) switch? BNT is now owned by IBM, however. Running a
>>> 'show version' states the switch OS as:
>>> "IBM Networking Operating System RackSwitch G8052"
>>> Any advice would be much appreciated!
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