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Todd Heide Todd at equivoice.com
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Thanks, I'll check it out to see if it will work. We need a change management system for a certain "Level" IYKWIM.  Since we have Rancid that has worked flawlessly for years, if I can incorporate a method for change management I get to keep it. 

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Todd Heide <Todd at equivoice.com> writes:

> Hi List, is there a way to see who made changes through Rancid?  We 
> use Cisco ACS for AAA.

Depends. ;-) At least some IOS version write who made a change to the configuration (When using AAA)

If you log to a syslog server you can use something like SEC (
http://simple-evcorr.sourceforge.net/) to analyze your log files an trigger RANCID to "download" the configuration when a change is logged.

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