[rancid] comparing device running config against startup config

Per-Olof Olsson peo at chalmers.se
Tue Sep 20 18:32:06 UTC 2011

Ian Stong skrev 2011-09-20 16:10:
> We are using rancid to grab the running config and look for differences
> over the previous running config. That works great and as advertised. I
> was wondering what others are doing to catch the occasional issue where
> someone makes a change to the running config but for whatever reason it
> doesn't get saved and the device crashes - hence loosing that part of
> the config.
> What suggestions do you have for ensuring the running config matches the
> startup config?
Thinks there begin to be useful info for some platforms.

HP procurve have on later switches "show running-config status"
Not fully working on 2650! After reboot it always differ.
HP support have fixed this for 2610's after I bug report it.

Cisco IOS. Compare time stamp  from "show running-config"
Some of the first lines.

Nexus. Look at output from  "show running-config diff".
Can't test latest version if it still generate diffs for some lines.

> Thanks,
> Ian
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