[rancid] getting Rancid to run automatically after a user changes the configuraiton

Amanda Lalli-Cafini Amanda.Lalli-Cafini at navitas.com
Tue Sep 20 02:43:07 UTC 2011

Good Day All,

We have rancid running on a server that is also running TACACS+

We have rancid running every 4 hours using crontab.

I have been asked to get it running in response to a user making a change to the configuration.

I found some help in the FAQ about this, but I am not exactally sure where to get started.
I suppose the first thing I need to do is to see if I have syslog on the TACACS server.

I was wondering if anyone could expand on the FAQ a bit and give me a little more idea of how to get this going please?

thanks in advance for any assistance



Q. I'd like to have RANCID automatically begin collection when someone
   finishes configuring a router.  How can I do this?
A. Using a syslog watcher script, one can trigger RANCID from the syslog
   line emitted by, for example, an IOS router after configuration mode is
   Here's a simple example using the Simple Event Correlator:
   If the syslog line in your logs looks like this (wrapped for readability):
   Apr  5 09:56:52 acc1.geo269.example.com 72: 000069: *Mar  6 21:40:13.466 \
   AEDT: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by gwbush on vty0 (
   You would use a SEC configuration stanza like this:
   # example rancid trigger
   action=shellcmd /opt/rancid/bin/do-diffs -r $1
   This will execute the command '/opt/rancid/bin/do-diffs -r acc1.geo269'
   when it is fed a line like that syslog line.  The command will be run at
   most once every 1800 seconds.  If you do not get hostnames in your
   log lines that match your router.db entries, either fix your reverse
   DNS or remove the '-r $1' part.
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