[rancid] help request after I developed new module 'vnxrancid', but it don't save output properly to configs directory

danielc at vmware.com danielc at vmware.com
Sat Sep 17 11:56:04 UTC 2011

I hacked fnlogin/fnrancid pair to do some EMC VNX commands on their RHAT/Linux shell, but the only a portion of the output is not being checked into the configs directory.

I have done the following:
 NOPIPE=yes;export NOPIPE
 vnxrancid -d vnx01

I get the two files: vnx01.raw and vnx01.new

But if I do just:
 rancid-run -r vnx01 testing

The .../var/testing/configs/vnx01 file only has saved some lines like: 

The contents of the vnx01.new file looks perfect (in my opinion)

I noticed that the end of the vnx01.raw file still have lots of control characters, is this interfering with the rancid-run
^[]0;nasadmin at r2778-vnx01cs0:~^G[nasadmin at r2778-vnx01cs0 ~]$ ^M
^[]0;nasadmin at r2778-vnx01cs0:~^G[nasadmin at r2778-vnx01cs0 ~]$ exit^M
^[[H^[[2JConnection to vnx01 closed.^M^M

whereas an UCS, N7K, Vyatta device the .raw file is much cleaner.
Connection to r2845-n6k02 closed.^M^M

^[]0;rancidnms at hub-las01-fw01b: ~^G^[[01;32mrancidnms at hub-las01-fw01b^[[00m:^[[01;34m~^[[00m$ ^M
^[]0;rancidnms at hub-las01-fw01b: ~^G^[[01;32mrancidnms at hub-las01-fw01b^[[00m:^[[01;34m~^[[00m$ exit^M
Connection to hub-las01-fw01b closed.^M^M

Daniel Chen

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