[rancid] terminal width on Cisco ASA

P C pc50000 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 16:26:52 UTC 2011

How is the terminal width communicated to the Cisco security appliance
by rancid-run when kicked off via crontab?  I am getting output in my
alerts like this, almost like it's cutting off at ~60-70 characters or
so.  When viewing through a shell via SSH, the output is the width of
the window without issue and is not truncated.

Is this some sort of variable I can set so the output does not get
kicked to the next line like this?

Or perhaps is this happening after the SSH session, and during the
e-mail/CVS diff process?

I have also considered terminal width xxx Cisco ASA side, but this is
a permanent configuration command (config) mode and not a per-session
exec command, so it's probably better just to send the right width to
it in the first place via the SSH/terminal negotiation, however this
may be done.

+ access-list myaclname extended permit ip host
+ object-group MY_OBJECT log warnings interval 10

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