[rancid] excluding certain lines from diffs without editing @commandtable - fnrancid

Adam Korab adam.korab at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 16:00:25 UTC 2011


Using fnrancid.in 2258 2010-10-11 20:49:05Z included with 2.3.6, I'm
polling a FortiGate FGT1000A running FortiOS 3.00.

@commandtable contains only two commands, 'get system status' and
'show full-configuration'.  Per the earlier FortiGate discussion, it's
pulling the entire full (default) configuration for the sake of
completeness.  The problem comes in when spurious diffs are generated
every hour because the system time, config version, and RSA key

- !System time: Thu Jul  7 02:02:09 2011
+ !System time: Thu Jul  7 03:02:11 2011

- #conf_file_ver=9393629122155995517
+ #conf_file_ver=4523938947618233296

- [blah blah private key]
+ [blah blah other private key]

So I figure it should be something along the lines of grep -v "System
time","conf_file_ver" and "DEK-Info" but I don't know how to go about
this.  I found Dave LaPorte's post from 2006 in the archives
but I'd like to make sure those changes would still work considering
they apply to a 5 year old version of control_rancid and I'm using
$RCSSYS = "svn".



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