[rancid] Need Help important plz

bha Qaqish bha.Qaqish at NITC.gov.jo
Fri Jul 1 19:50:58 UTC 2011

For password part , if anyone open the gui  does it required a password .

And by default what is the directory for the  rancid web access

n  bha

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You can allow access to certain virtual directories in Apache.  As for the password part, I'm using LDAP with a select number of users.   Look at htpasswd for examples.


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I had installed rancid and work normally, I had I an issue
Depending on the website , I had installed it on server  and the web interface is available for non admin to access configuration:

1.       How could I put a password for the web interface

2.       How could I prevent access for some ip and grant access to another
Am looking forward for your help plz

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