[rancid] autoenable vs noenable

Bass, Teresa R tebass at indiana.edu
Mon Mar 8 19:30:46 UTC 2010

I wonder if anyone has run into this problem:

Half of our switches are HP 4100's which cannot be autoenabled.  The other half can be autoenabled.

The switch names I need to enter into .cloginrc are AB* but I have to do 1/2 as
                " AB* add autoenable 1"
 and the other 1/2  as
                "AB* add noenable 1".

I'm trying to find a way around entering each individual device into .cloginrc as it is such a large number of devices.

Has anyone found a hack to the hlogin script that will allow me to use autoenable AND noenable without specifying each device name?

Any help would be appreciated!

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