[rancid] Re: Some lines are suppressed in Extreme X0S config files - Workaround

Arjan Oosting arjan at helix-nebula.org
Tue Jul 27 13:17:42 UTC 2010

Hi Sylvian,

We had the same problems and I had to patch clogin.in and xrancid.in:

arjan at reddwarf:~$ lsdiff

Op maandag 26-07-2010 om 16:33 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Sylvain 74:
> Hi all,
> when Rancid gets Extreme Networks x650's configuration, it misses 1 line every 20 or 30 lines.
> It seems that Rancid suppresses the "Press <SPACE> to continue or <Q> to quit:" message but also the next[or previous?] line.
> I didn't notice this behavior before because I didn't read carefully fetched config files until now.
> My ExtremeXOS version is

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Every line marked with "+" is a config line that was missed during previous fetches (without disabling clipaging).
> I know that the right way is to patch clogin but I'm clearly not able to do that. Is there any candidate ?

Attached is my patch for 2.3.3, maybe you could try it? 
It works for us with quite a collection of Extremeware and ExtremeXos

BTW, to the rest of the list how can I get this patch included in the
default tarball of RANCID?

Greetings Arjan

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