[rancid] Add -autoenable to clogin invocation of xrancid

Arjan Oosting arjan at helix-nebula.org
Tue Jul 27 14:28:49 UTC 2010


I have some patches I use in RANCID setup at work which I would like
to share and see included in new versions of RANCID.

One of these is the attached patch. 

As Extreme switches don't know the concept of an enabled-modus you have
add an autoenable configuration statement to .cloginrc file. 
Sometimes people forget to add the autoenable statement to the .cloginrc
file when adding a new device which causes xrancid failure to make a

I though it would make sense to always add the -autoenable argument to
clogin call in xrancid to circumvent this issue. (See attached patch)

Wat do you think, could/should this patch be included in the default
tarball of RANCID?

Greetings Arjan

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