[rancid] Re: Newbie:Using cfg files instead real connection to equipment

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Mon Jul 19 16:10:41 UTC 2010

Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 03:37:26PM +0200, vmut at cable.net.co:
> Newbie:Using cfg files instead real connection to equipment
> I want to use RANCID with Juniper (J and M series) and cisco routers (several models)  but  the administration wants to minimize the amount of people connected to the real equipment, so there are a daily cfg files are located in a share directory and the idea is using them instead a direct connection to the boxes,  is it that possible?
> Base on the cvs philosophy I think the files could be used for populating the repository but I cannot be able to find out if RANCID allows that.

not really.  why not reverse it; remove some folks' access and let them
access the rancid repository via cvsweb instead.

> What steps do I need to follow?
> Thank you in advance,
> vmut
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