[rancid] Rancid & Enterasys B2/B3/N3/N7 switch

relychaure at free.fr relychaure at free.fr
Wed Jan 27 16:49:29 UTC 2010

I tried to contact valvai81 at mail.comune.modena.it to discuss about his Enterasys
B2 scripts but the answer was an undelivery mail !!

I tested the scripts but it doesn't function :

rancid at nsradminfedlog:~/bin$ ./B2rancid
sh: B2login: command not found missed cmd(s): show version,show config End of run not found

I had the same error when I modified my own scripts before to see valvai81's
I try the scripts with B2 and N7 switchs with the same result.

However, the next command function very well, better than rivlogin.

rancid at nsradminfedlog:~/bin$ ./B2login

Do you have any idea ??

Best regards, Aurelie

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