[rancid] Re: Rancid second run

Andrew W. Henry ahenry41 at maine.edu
Fri Jan 8 19:28:48 UTC 2010

We had a need for something similar, so we hacked our clogin to add it.
Basically, our changes allow you to enter multiple usernames and passwords
in the .cloginrc file which will be tried in order when logging in.  For
instance, your .cloginrc now probably has lines like this:

add user       *   user
add password   *   {vtypass}   {enapass}

With our changes, you could have lines like this:

add user        *   { {user1} {user2} {user3} }
add password    *   { {vtypass1} {vtypass2} {vtypass3} }   { {enapass1}
{enapass2} {enapass3} }

and clogin would try each username with each password until it got in or
failed them all.  A related change we added was pinging the device before
attempting login and aborting if the ping fails.  That is necessary if you
have several logins entered since it will have to timeout on each one before
aborting the device; that might take a significant amount of time.

Our changes were made against 2.3.2a6, which is not the latest version, and
I don't know what fixes have been made since then by the core developers.  I
do not have diffs unfortunately either.  We only use rancid for Cisco
equipment so we didn't port any of the changes to the other "xlogin" files.
Also I can't promise that my changes didn't break some aspect of rancid, but
I can say that we have been using it for quite some time successfully and

If none of the above scared you off, let me know and I'll forward anyone
interested a copy of our clogin file.

Andrew W. Henry
University of Maine System
ITS, Communications and Network Services
Maine School and Library Network

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> : > Hello!
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> > Sorry for "flooding" the disccusion, but I would just like to know if
> its
> > possible to set a different "set" of CLI credentials (user/password)
> for
> > rancid to use on its second run (for every equipment that has failed
> the
> > first time).
> >
> > Thank you very much for your time.
> >
> > Best regards.
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> > Isabelle.
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