[rancid] debug and empty config issue

Konstantin Yudayev kyudayev at verizon.com
Wed Jan 6 18:20:35 UTC 2010


I've recently enabled bug in all bin/*rancid* ($debug = 1) and looks
like there is an issue with unaccessible devices. If a device is not
currently available the rancid produces following output in the config
file (that is a whole file for every "offline" router):

!RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE: erx (or whatever vendor is)

This is obviously a problem because it replaces the existing config with
this output and once router is back online the actual config will
replace this file.

I need an advice on how this can be fixed and offline devices will be
skipped the same way as when debug is disabled.

thank you

 - Konstantin
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