[rancid] Re: bay/nortel switches

Smirnoff Alexander asmirnoff at office.beeline.ru
Fri Oct 9 06:40:33 UTC 2009

I have troubles with downloading Nortel Passports configs in CLI, and
move to snmp->tftp downloading. Arter that configs go to rancid , store
and diffs on standart scheme.




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I know you're not a big fan of menu-based systems, but I've inherited a
network full of Nortel switches, that I need to monitor the
configurations of. So I modified the brancid and blogin scripts to deal
with the initial menu.


In my environment, I created a separate set of binaries for the gear
since the original bay stuff doesn't work with the code I'm running. I
also have a few Nortel Passports, that also aren't serviced by the bay


I'm not sure if splitting this things up in the format I've done is the
way to go, but here are some diffs...




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