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Jayant Jape Jayant.Jape at tikona.in
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I have few queries:

1)Can we backup running configurations of the devices only and comment out other commands.
2)Presently backups are happening ip-wise can we make it hostname-wise.
3)If individual devices needs to be backed up(Incase they were not reachable at time of backup) what would be the command.....?

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On Monday 16 November 2009 06:47:41 Mathiruban Rajagopal wrote:

> Thanks a lot Mike, I have anoter issue that I want to run rancid-run for
> different device group with different time.
> How to define the cron job?.

>From 'man rancid-run':

"The set of rancid groups can ... be provided as command-line arguments"

So two crontab entries with different times, each specifying the relevant

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