[rancid] RANCID notifies of identical change repeatedly on cisco IOS router

P C pc50000 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 02:53:53 UTC 2009

I have a Cisco IOS router which keeps alerting the same exact change
notification e-mail with the following changes over and over.  Why is Rancid
doing this?:

-  rxspeed 3600000

-  txspeed 384000

+  speed 384000

The actual configuration under this section currently on the device is as

line 0/1/0
 exec-timeout 0 0
 script dialer GSM
 modem InOut
 no exec
 rxspeed 3600000
 txspeed 384000

I never receive an alert saying the configuration is changing both
directions, so if it is indeed flapping betwen the two RANCID is not
reporting it.

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