[rancid] All routers showing as down

Nick Hollingsworth Nick.Hollingsworth at alphawest.com.au
Thu Nov 12 06:21:19 UTC 2009

Hi Rancid subscribers,

Rancid has been doing a great job keeping track of configs & diffs, thanks very much.

I started having problems with it a couple of weeks ago after an admin updated routers.db (I think this is all they did). I rang the admin and confirmed they did it by:

 * logging into the Rancid linux host as root
 * scp'd router.db off
 * modified it
 * scp'd it back on (as root)

Now all the routers end up as down after every rancid run (routers.all & routers.down are full, routers.up is empty, no configs are taken, no diffs given).

I noticed that routers.db had owner root, group root. I presumed this was due to the admin scp'ing the routers.db file back to the system after modifying it so I chowned it back to rancid:netadm.

Other than that I can't see anything wrong .... bin/clogin works fine on a few of the devices ......  I run bin/rancid-run and it finishes instantly leaving an empty log file:

	starting: Thu Nov 12 16:26:22 WST 2009

	ending: Thu Nov 12 16:26:23 WST 2009

I can see router.db in cvs status and if I modify router.db cvs picks it up.

Any ideas what might be going wrong?


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