[rancid] Rancid not grab config

Mathiruban Rajagopal mathiruban at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 13:44:29 UTC 2009


I have set up the Rancid in Fedora Linux and working fine for some routers.
The jogin is working from server and I can see the file in the directory *
/usr/local/rancid/var/networking/configs* but not grab the configuration.
In logs message I have this jlogin error: Error: Check your password for missed cmd(s): show chassis alarms,show chassis hardware
detail,show system license,show chassis scb,show chassis feb,show chassis
routing-engine,show chassis firmware,show version detail,show chassis feb
detail,show configuration,show system boot-messages,show chassis cfeb,show
chassis clocks,show chassis sfm detail,show chassis ssb,show chassis fpc
detail,show chassis environment,show system core-dumps End of run not found
Pls help me.


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