[rancid] Re: Ignore memory changes?

Schmidt, Daniel dan.schmidt at uplinkdata.com
Mon Nov 2 23:07:51 UTC 2009

Sorry, I see this was brought up before - don't mean to kick a dead
horse!  I could easily remove nvram dirs from rancid, but I thought
there should be more elegant solution.  

95% of my spurious diffs could be eliminated by ignoring the
startup-config & the bytes free.  

Adding a simple "| exc startup-config|bytes free" should work, but you
can't grep on a dir statement for some lousy reason.   But, aren't we
skipping other stuff?  (Apologies, can't speak Perl)

 739         # filter frequently changing files from IOX bootflash
 740         if ($dev =~ /bootflash/) {
 741             next if (/temp_cont\s*$/);
 742             next if (/uptime_cont\s*$/);
 743         }

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Is there any way to ignore flash changes?  Sorry if this has been asked
before, I can't seem to find it.  

- !Flash:   475  -rwx        8271   Nov 1 2009 03:47:10 -07:00
+ !Flash:   473  -rwx        8271   Nov 2 2009 03:45:18 -07:00

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