[rancid] Re: Who made changes?

Todd Heide Todd at equivoice.com
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You would need a AAA server with authentication and accounting setup to
capture who did what and when. Cisco makes the ACS which is very good at
AAA, but also expensive, an alternative is a Unix based Tacacs program
that also does accounting.  There is one I have used in the past before
implementing a full ACS, it is called tac_plus with Web_UI. You can find
it here, http://www.networkforums.net/  It has a built in web front to
administer the accounts and logs. It uses MySQL. With this you can
search the logs to see who made changes that correlate to the Rancid




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Hi all,

I installed Rancid in combination with FreeBSD CVSWeb on a Debian
server. Everything is working, great!

There is only one thing I want to know: is it possible to show who made
the changes in telnet? At this moment the webpage is telling me that the
unix user (who runned Rancid) has made the changes. For example, I have
more telnet accounts. One for Paul and one for Peter. If Paul made one
change, and Peter made two changes, I want that the webpage is telling
me exactly who made a change.  

Any hints or keywords would be really appreciated. Thanks!


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