[rancid] Re: Cisco 2960 switch

Martin, Seth SMartin at sourceinterlink.com
Fri Sep 26 13:20:18 UTC 2008

If you are worried about Rancid having too much access, you should try
restricting it using the privilege configurations in IOS.  Maybe someone
on here has one already written you can copy to avoid having to figure
it all out.

I like rancid to have full access to my devices because we use it to
push out config.

Seth Martin 

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On Friday 26 September 2008 13:53:26 Steve Ousley wrote:

> We also have:
> "username rancid autocommand show running"
> So that when the user "rancid" logs in, it automatically runs "show
> running".  This works fine when I telnet to the switch from the rancid
> machine, I can page through the output.

That's your problem right there. Remove this and it'll work.


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