[rancid] Cisco 2960 switch

Steve Ousley steve at host-it.co.uk
Fri Sep 26 12:15:55 UTC 2008

Hi All


We have just got some Cisco 2960 switches that we need to backup.  However
when the backup runs on the switch, it simply misses the commands.


I think I know why this is, and that is that when I log in with clogin, it
logs in ok, and automatically displays the configuration, rather than
waiting for Rancid to collect it.  This also has problems with paging int
hat when I clogin I see "-more-"at the bottom as though it's waiting for me
to press space or enter, yet, when I press anything, it just sits there
until the connection times out.


Has anyone ever got a 2960 backing up ok? If so, did they experience this as


Steve Ousley - SO620-RIPE

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