[rancid] Re: RANCID as an Element of a CMDB System

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Tue Sep 23 06:46:13 UTC 2008

On Monday 22 September 2008 21:00:11 Lance Vermilion wrote:
> Already talked to them about it. Unless i am going to offer up the
> resources to do it, not likely.
> apt-get install netdisco....great idea but not functional for any
> redhat spinoff.

Well, the real question isn't the tool you use, but whether Fedora/RH/Centos 
have packaged all the bits ...

[bgmilne at tiger ~]$ urpmi netdisco
Running urpmi in restricted mode...                       
In order to satisfy the 'postgresql-server-virtual' dependency, one of the 
following packages is needed:
 1- postgresql8.3-server-8.3.4-1mdv2009.0.x86_64: The programs needed to 
create and run a PostgreSQL server (to install)
 2- postgresql8.2-server-8.2.9-3mdv2009.0.x86_64: The programs needed to 
create and run a PostgreSQL server (to install)
What is your choice? (1-2) 1                                                                                            
To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed:                                              
   Package                        Version      Release       Arch                                                       
(medium "Main")                                                                                                         
  apache-base                    2.2.9        12mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  apache-mod_perl                2.0.4        2mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  apache-mod_php                 5.2.6        3mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  apache-mod_ssl                 2.2.9        12mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  apache-modules                 2.2.9        12mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  apache-mpm-prefork             2.2.9        12mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  distcache-server               1.5.1        13mdv2009.0   x86_64  
  lib64distcache1                1.5.1        13mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  lib64ecpg8.3_6                 8.3.4        1mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  lib64pq8.3_5                   8.3.4        1mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  memcached                      1.2.6        2mdv2009.0    x86_64  
  perl-Apache-Test               1.31         2.689836.1md> noarch                                                      
  perl-BSD-Resource              1.29         2mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  perl-NetSNMP                   5.4.2        2mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  php-ctype                      5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-dom                        5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-filter                     5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-ftp                        5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-gettext                    5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-hash                       5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-ini                        5.2.6        2mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  php-json                       5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-openssl                    5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-posix                      5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-session                    5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-suhosin                    0.9.27       1mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  php-sysvsem                    5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-sysvshm                    5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-tokenizer                  5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-xmlreader                  5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-xmlwriter                  5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  php-zlib                       5.2.6        17mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  postgresql8.3                  8.3.4        1mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
  postgresql8.3-server           8.3.4        1mdv2009.0    x86_64                                                      
(medium "Main32")                                                                                                       
  ccp                            0.4.1        1mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-IPC-Run                   0.80         2mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
(medium "Contrib")                                                                                                      
  apache-mod_apreq               2.08         15mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  lib64apreq2                    2.08         15mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
  mason                          1.33         6mdv2008.1    noarch                                                      
  netdisco                       0.95         8mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Apache-DBI                1.07         2mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Apache-ProxyRewrite       0.17         7mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Apache-Session            1.87         1mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Apache-Session-Wrapper    0.33         3mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Class-Container           0.12         5mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-Graph                     0.84         1mdv2008.1    noarch                                                      
  perl-GraphViz                  2.03         3mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-MasonX-Request-ExtendedC> 0.03         4mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-MasonX-Request-ExtendedC> 0.03         4mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-MasonX-Request-WithApach> 0.31         2mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-SNMP-Info                 2.00         1mdv2009.0    noarch                                                      
  perl-libapreq2                 2.08         15mdv2009.0   x86_64                                                      
93MB of additional disk space will be used.                                                                             
17MB of packages will be retrieved.                                                                                     
Proceed with the installation of the 52 packages? (Y/n)

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