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Traiano Welcome twelcome at tenet.ac.za
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Hi Oliver

I've gone some way towards building the router schema based on ENTITY-MIB and others (quite labour intensive :-)). Netdisco seems to overlap a lot of what I've done, and offer a number of better features, so it might be worth looking at integrating it into the CMDB system I'm trying to build, as opposed to the custom stuff I've scripted.

Many Thanks!

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Hi Traiano,

Traiano Welcome wrote:
| what I want is a pre-canned sql schema for each
| model router config (or a single generic one!) which would allow me
| to easily import a router config into a database.

If you were using SNMP, you could poll the ENTITY-MIB on the network
devices. This would reveal their hardware configuration, and it uses a
standardized language as described in section 3 of RFC 2737.

Some systems such as Netdisco will do this, and insert it into an SQL
database. The database schema is quite simple; the RFC uses a strict
hierachical model for the physical entities.

You could look at the Netdisco or SNMP::Info code for some ideas,
perhaps, and translate them for your RANCID-based system.

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